Mr. Nandakumar Vibhute

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Nandkumar Vibhute is the visionary person, Founder & Managing Director at VIBHUTE & VIBHUTE. He is well known for his in-depth Financial Research, Risk Management, Corporate Legal, Defining Corporate financial objectives, etc. His experience with updated knowledge about the industries like Finance, Economics, and Taxation makes their products unique and leads in achievement of Organization’s vision.

In last 25 years, Mr. Nandkumar has well defined various models & long-term strategies with Organization. This are process oriented in nature and timely updated with change in norms of Finance & Economics. He likes to research & understand the industry trends and align suitable solutions for the upcoming challenges to individual & corporate customers. His solutions have been prove effective in various global crisis like 2007/8 and recently during 2020 pandemic.

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