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Investment planning comes with the goal of identifying long-term goals and designing the plan which ensures funding and resources at and when required. It is also important to take into consideration of an investor’s risk appetite and standard of living. There is a wide range of investment options like shares, bonds, mutual funds, bank deposits, debentures, Bitcoins, and more. Through investment planning, the goal is to make a perfect blend that investors can continue in long term irrespective of ups & downs in his/her life.

As per Mr. Nandkumar Vibhute’s (Founder & MD) investment plan is not only meant for a person with a high income, but it is equally important for a person is earning a minimum of 1Rupee. Effective investment planning leads to both Capital growth as well as a regular income source, provided if it is done correctly.  

At VIBHUTE & VIBHUTE investment planning is not just creating a plan in which clients will regularly invest wealth to get better returns but also considering human limitations, dependencies, and unexpected emergencies. After clearly defining Long, Medium & Short term goals and choosing the right investment options accordingly. It is important to understand the potential risk associated with it. A well-experienced planner does have plan B for Risk situations and not let your wealth get destroyed based on market situations.  

Regular review of the Investment plan is essential after periodic intervals and necessary changes need to be done as per the situation and risk appetite of the client. It is important to create milestones for long-term investments which acts as checkpoints to ensure the growth is in the defined direction and will lead to the achievement of defined goals.

A personal session at Vibhute & Vibhute is the best occasion to understand this aspect. They well explain the consequences of incorrect planning and success stories of clients who are relishing their services for decades and have achieved financial goals as well as a better lifestyle and importantly PEACE OF LIFE.  

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