Retirement Planning

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Freedom is usually the primary or secondary goal of everyone. Financial freedom, freedom of time, freedom to do whatever we want, explore our ambitions desires, and having the satisfaction of living life to its fullest.

To increase your Quality of Life and adhere to this stage Vibhute & Vibhute helps you make customized a plan and that suits your goals & risk appetite. There are various aspects that need to be considered during such long-term planning, like Age, Income, Saving habits, current & further debts, personal events, health conditions, and more.

It’s always good to start planning your finances early and take maximum advantage of compounding to make sure your goals and timelines are going hand in hand.

At VIBHUTE & VIBHUTE Retirement planning objective is as follows:

  • Assess readiness for retirement 
  • Selecting appropriate investment tools and creating review plans
  • Achieving the desired retirement at age & lifestyle you desired
  • Identify challenges and plan to mitigate them as and when needed 

Process of systematic investment of fixed amount every month/year for post-retirement is not enough, it is equally important to review it based on life events and government norms in order to make sure clients capital is growing at the desired rate and its free of all tax liabilities. 

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