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Today, Tax planning is much referred as a way to avoid tax or paying minimal tax. At VIBHUTE & VIBHUTE people are educated about the Pros & Cons of paying and not paying tax. Understanding the long-term advantages of paying tax convinces them to pay tax regularly.

Tax planning with VIBHUTE & VIBHUTE not only helps in availing proper tax benefits provided by the government but also helps in creating long term portfolio which is tax-free & secured.

For corporate organizations, Tax planning plays a critical role, At VIBHUTE & VIBHUTE following aspects are considered while tax planning for corporates:

  • Entity Structure Planning – Create an optimal entity structure for businesses and Individuals personally to maximize tax benefits and create legal asset protection.
  • Compensation and Benefits Planning – Develop strategies that meet business helps in achieving the short and long goals of the organization. Help in creating a systematic compensation structure that meets tax norms as well as benefits to the employees of the organization as well.
  • Income Deferral Opportunities – Deferral techniques to business owners help to capitalize on maximum gains and create a long-term income stream that is running even after business.

    For the Individuals and corporate employees, tax planning at VIBHUTE & VIBHUTE considers the following aspects:
  • At most utilization of Tax exceptions – Taking consideration of the maximum tax benefits that government has provided and are applicable for the clients.
  • Restructuring of Income sources – Proper structuring of all the income sources into primary, secondary, and other family accounts
  • Forecasting tax & Investment Declarations-Making accurate forecast of tax provisions and assumption of the proper tax plan 

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